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The harmonious techniques of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga allow multiple possible responses to stress management to find a balanced life
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huit brocard

The eight (ba) pieces (duan) brocade (jin)
This name is given to fiscal health
created by General Yue Fei (12th century AD)
to improve the health of its soldiers.
This general was also the source of the internal martial school:
xing yi quan (ancestor of Yi Quan).
There were originally 12 exercises, which were reduced to 8.

The long coats of brocade worn at the time by the dignitaries of the Empire evoke a healthy.


huit brocard

1.Both hands support the sky to regulate Sanjiao (triple heater)

Standing feet parallel shoulder width

Join hands, palms up
Mount the hands
Pivot at the palms face
Stretching, pushing skyward
Down arms on the side

Regulate sanjio (triple heater): the triple warmer meridian is related to the three areas (or foci): above the diaphragm between the diaphragm and navel, between the navel and the pubic.The roles of these three regions are: breathing, digestion, elimination.The Sanjiao will ring finger to his head and joined the meridian of the gallbladder.The fact that stretch and give up active and regulates the Qi in the Sanjiao.

huit brocard

2.Left and right we seem to bend a bow as an arrow launch

Move the left foot to take the jumper
Bend knees
Bring your arms in a circle in front of you
Stretch imaginary arc following the hand with the eye
Pull the bow alternately left and right.

The seating position of the archer force the lower body (hip area) and strengthens the kidney Qi.The gesture of openness by lowering the body facilitates the flow from bottom to top.

huit brocard

3.The raised arm handles the spleen and stomach

Back foot parallel
Gently raise their hands to the stomach palm up
Separate the hands, left arm up right arm down.

Stretching the body
Repeat the movement by changing arm

Lifting the arms deals spleen and stomach: The stomach meridian (yang) is related to the meridian of the spleen (yin).The stomach meridian begins at Ala and ends on the second toe.The spleen begins and ends at the big toe under the tongue.The upward movement of the arm by pushing the legs increases circulation in the spleen, stomach, and liver.

huit brocard

4.Looking back as to detect five fatigue and the seven ailments

Feet parallel, arms along the body
Looking back slowly to the right and left
Pivot size Looking back, head, shoulder, hand aligned (they move together)
Relax muscles around the twisting of the spine (top and bottom)

The five fatigue refer to diseases of the five internal organs yin
heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.
The seven ailments are related to the seven emotions: anger, joy, sadness, fear, obsession, anxiety, fear.According to Chinese medicine, exaggeration or inhibition of emotions is harmful to the five organs and cause diseases.
Anger harms the liver, night joy to the heart, lung sadness, fear the kidney, spleen obsession.
Emotions are energy stagnate top.The movement from bottom to top can regulate the Qi stagnates at the top.Turn your head backwards relaxes the cervical region.

huit brocard

5.Shaking his head and tail shake that is bend back to chase the fire of the heart

Moving the left foot
Get in jumper
Place hands on thighs fingers on the inside thumb on the outside
Look forward
Swing left
Stretch the right side
Pass on the right side
Stretch the left side

Fire (excess of the heart) in the household median plexus may have originated from a poor diet, breathing polluted air or a lack of sleep.The fire is related to heart.The metal is linked to lung.In the theory of five elements, metal absorbs heat from the fire.Stirring and opening the chest with the arms (meridians of the lungs), it activates the lung, it extinguishes the fire of the heart.

huit brocard

6.Ployez well back 7 times and 100 diseases disappear

Back foot parallel
Raise your arms above your head Before se
Lean forward
Go and touch those feet Do not mandatory tender legs down
Feel the stretch on the back with legs

In rising to the feet, it activates the meridians of 6 feet.It regulates the flow of qi from bottom to top.By deploying the back, it facilitates high traffic.The general circulation is activated.

huit brocard

7.Tighten the fists with eyes of fire to enhance the breath and strength

Move the left foot
Get in jumper
Raise hands to chest level
Fist loosely
Extend the right arm forward
The left fist is placed next to each ear simultaneously slowly repeat
left and right

Make the gesture of elastic punches are similar in functions to the second part.The eyes of fire refers to the concentration of the mind.
Vigilance coordinated muscle strength and vital breath creates the jing (internal power).

huit brocard

8.With both hands gripping the foot reinforces the kidneys and loins.

Getting up on tiptoe
Stay a while
The body grows up
Down gently
Finish with small amplitudes
Gently shake the body up and down.
Finish with a time remaining in the position

The kidneys are the residence of the original essence (jing yuan), which is the source of
original breath (yuan qi).When kidneys are healthy and strong, the jing (vital essence) is retained and strengthened.By folding back toward the ground, kidney mass stretching back.By grabbing the feet or toes are touched point Yongquan (bubbling source) of the kidney meridian is located on the soles of the feet.