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The four nobles thruthes


dukkha (reality of suffrering)

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in the first noble truth, the Buddha teaches that all life is imbued with suffering, dukkha (dissatisfaction deep frustration...) Which can also manifest itself in the form of physical or mental suffering.But more profoundly, the fleeting nature, temporary moments of happiness permanently prevents the human being to experience contentment and true peace.

In his first teaching, the Buddha said "This is the True Suffering.This is the real cause.That is the true cessation.That is the True Path ".And he said: "Know the Pain, renounce these causes, get through the Cessation of Suffering and follow the True Path".It is making us by the intrinsic nature of the causes and effects that the Buddha delivered his spiritual message.

Énnoncé is on its fundamental truth that rests the whole edifice of Buddhism.Nevertheless, although intended for an audience of listeners, this message has remained relatively obscure in its depth and took Nagarjuna, a sage of the second century AD, for some explained the esoteric meaning of the message.According to him, when the Buddha talks about the real suffering, it refers to Samsara, ie the full cycle of life, from birth to rebirth.

The origin of Samsara is the Karma, that is all our acts, good or bad, and their inevitable consequences in turn.Finally, he highlighted our inability to see and understand things beyond enlightenment.It is the main source of our suffering and karma feeds.It is sort of the second part of the message of Buddha.


samudaya (la réalité de son origine)

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The second noble truth, samudaya (the origin of dukkha) tells us that the origin of suffering is craving for peace and wholeness that leads to experience being a passionate desire for all objects of the senses of the likely quench, triggers an aggressive toward anything that seems to get in the way of that peace and indifference toward everything that is not connected to this goal.The perpetual game of these three forces, desire, aggression and ignorance is the source of dukkha.

The power of this desire to perpetuate the very force that is being forced to reincarnate.this desire, the source of all illusions of life is certainly an important factor in pain, but considers that his power does not reach the higher spheres of the spirit, the essence of being.However, it can create problems specific to the individual away from the source that connects to his inner consciousness.

This way of being governed by a strong ego unsuccessful in reality only remain in ignorance.Many people who grow this type of behavior, whereas the dark impulses that are the desire-attachment, anger, pride, hatred or qualities necessary for life.


nirodha (Freedom road)

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The third noble truth, nirodha is the cessation of dukkha.Not content with having to clean today the consequences of acts from previous lives, they are forged from scratch a negative karma, they will be purified in this life, or in their future lives, giving substance to new cycles of life and therefore suffering.reverse the process by practicing every day and every moment the most exemplary virtues taught in Buddhism is a great sign of liberation and ascent to the spheres where peace and harmony are everywhere.

In the Buddhist tradition, this state is called Nirvana.Achieving this requires having eliminated all the reasons which justify a new incarnation.Cala said, even if the incarnation itself is suffering, it also offers us an additional chance of us perfect, so to get closer to Nirvana.achieve supposed to have eliminated all the reasons a new incarnation.

However, even if the incarnation itself is suffering, it also offers us an additional chance of us perfect, so to get closer to Nirvana.

In this ultimate state, is seen to be rid of his physical body, but that does not mean that there is more.Quite the contrary, free from the chains of matter, he continues to have a conscience, and a spiritual body freed from ignorance.Reached this achievement, the pain is absent and this outcome could be considered the final degree.


magga (therapy path)

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The fourth Noble Truth, Maggie, is the path that leads to the cessation of dukkha.There is a method, a Middle Way, which provides access to Nirvana, avoiding the two extremes:

the pursuit of happiness in dependence unique pleasures of the senses or in mortification as the various forms of asceticism.This Middle Way is also called the Noble Eightfold Path, because it has eight divisions, which should be pursued simultaneously developing.They are linked together and each helps the other grow:

- Clear understanding

- Just thinking

- Just say

- Right Action

- Right livelihood

- Fair effort

- Right mindfulness

- Right concentration

These eight branches allow the development and perfection of the three main elements of training and discipline Buddhist - ethical conduct (Shila) - mental discipline (samadhi) - wisdom (prajna) see the eightfold path.